Ranking Sidemen videos that W2S made... 

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11 apr 2021



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Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott 7 tundi tagasi
I loved fall guys one
Ethyro 3 päeva tagasi
2nd Among Us Video was way better than first, but they're both goated.
clarky boi
clarky boi 3 päeva tagasi
The calorie challenges are all goated their 100% the best videos
Chelsea Hensley
Chelsea Hensley 8 päeva tagasi
hide-and-seek are the best! have to be goated
123 9 päeva tagasi
Why does w2s pretend to be awkward
blackmage 14 päeva tagasi
The talent show is a goated video
Muoi To
Muoi To 15 päeva tagasi
Fall guy irl is goated
Fan WU
Fan WU 15 päeva tagasi
fall guys was a goated video
MarMar Mamz
MarMar Mamz 15 päeva tagasi
Total wipeout deffo should’ve been goated
Ayush Menon
Ayush Menon 16 päeva tagasi
harry is actuallty funny
Tim Dog
Tim Dog 16 päeva tagasi
I loved the bingo
Kai Spakowski
Kai Spakowski 16 päeva tagasi
talnt show was goated
Chav 17 päeva tagasi
I read “Ranking the sidemen that W2S made”
Ruby Ranford
Ruby Ranford 17 päeva tagasi
wipe out is goated no question.
Jake Lawson
Jake Lawson 17 päeva tagasi
All hide and seek videos are stinker
Straivalist 17 päeva tagasi
Aw man I loved the bingo episodes, and the back to school to school episodes
Exotic D
Exotic D 17 päeva tagasi
I would say that the wipe out video is goated
Roccos Sitko
Roccos Sitko 17 päeva tagasi
imo ive liked almost every single vid he mad
LJ7 18 päeva tagasi
20 vs 1 is goated
Itsy Troy
Itsy Troy 18 päeva tagasi
Ollie Braybrook
Ollie Braybrook 18 päeva tagasi
Harry's thinking=he's no in it so stinker
Taj Zaidi
Taj Zaidi 18 päeva tagasi
At 6:05 he talks about the old SDMN videos being the ones that weren't good. They were some of the best videos they've produced. No big set, or multiple cameras, just them playing a game in their back garden are the most funniest videos out there. Especially the Christmas football challenges has to be GOATED
bigdavo 19 päeva tagasi
Among Us videos were stinkers
Nathan Steele
Nathan Steele 18 päeva tagasi
I disagree
Skyblock Dungeon Clips
Skyblock Dungeon Clips 19 päeva tagasi
The wheel sidemen was a goated vid
I don't Even Know
I don't Even Know 19 päeva tagasi
Hide and seek in a theme park was hosted in my opinion I love the hide and seeks
Johannes Tørresø
Johannes Tørresø 19 päeva tagasi
Both amogus were meh
Nathan Steele
Nathan Steele 18 päeva tagasi
Not really Why?
Divya Jane
Divya Jane 20 päeva tagasi
Bingo was a banger!!!
jackson ;
jackson ; 20 päeva tagasi
Island might be my fav hide n seek tbh, definitely goated
Arnor Levi
Arnor Levi 20 päeva tagasi
Fall gays video binger
Nicolai ST
Nicolai ST 21 päev tagasi
9:34 second one was better
Mario Chati
Mario Chati 21 päev tagasi
Sidemen pub was a mess 😂😂😂😂
Tamex 21 päev tagasi
The mukbang was shit not goated shit
fudgy 21 päev tagasi
I can’t be the only one that thinks fall guys irl was goated
Sarah K
Sarah K 23 päeva tagasi
Are you crazy?! Among Us 1 & 2 are my favs! Both def Goated!!
Max Johns
Max Johns 24 päeva tagasi
Too many in meh
Brian Rosenblatt
Brian Rosenblatt 24 päeva tagasi
Harry is way to harsh on his videos, ESPECIALLY the old Sidemen sunday. most of those are goated 100%
Mishka Romanelli
Mishka Romanelli 25 päeva tagasi
The fall guys video was amazing and deserved banger for sure!!!
Zack Dyer
Zack Dyer 28 päeva tagasi
Among Us 1 and 2 need to be in Goated for sure!
Martha Walshe
Martha Walshe 28 päeva tagasi
The Amusement Park hide n seek was GOATED can't tell me otherwise
Chase carty 75
Chase carty 75 Місяць tagasi
Sidemen back to school was a banger
Ethan Fried burgars
Ethan Fried burgars Місяць tagasi
the old vids hit different
Kirtan Joshi
Kirtan Joshi Місяць tagasi
Harry really has high expectations for the main sidemen channel
Jacko Connelly
Jacko Connelly Місяць tagasi
We Can all agree that the 20 women v 1 Harry video was absolutely goated
Adam Jasper
Adam Jasper Місяць tagasi
The Mukbang videos look like they're going to be really boring but are some of the best Sidemen videos out there.
Adam Jasper
Adam Jasper Місяць tagasi
I think the second Among Us video was better. Cal, Lux and Randy always take the videos to another level and the house being more open fun in my opinion.
D0raem0ndo_ YT
D0raem0ndo_ YT Місяць tagasi
John Eastington
John Eastington Місяць tagasi
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Steve KM
Steve KM Місяць tagasi
Bingo was a banger for the lighting dog poo alone 😂
Kira Clarke
Kira Clarke Місяць tagasi
I agREe
Josue Quinones
Josue Quinones Місяць tagasi
harry said drugs till he found out he was the one who put the presents in the boxes
criser Місяць tagasi
It would be way different if a fan rated all the videos for entertainment value
Beefy Boiii
Beefy Boiii Місяць tagasi
Fall guys in real life was my favourite in my opinion
chris gaspa
chris gaspa Місяць tagasi
20 v 1 goated too 😂😂😂
chris gaspa
chris gaspa Місяць tagasi
Talent show was so goated loved that one
Tia Jolliffe
Tia Jolliffe Місяць tagasi
I loved the 2020 quiz!!
Rhys Curnow
Rhys Curnow Місяць tagasi
Harry looking wam in the got talent video
Asa Humphreys
Asa Humphreys 2 місяці tagasi
The bingo video was unreal! Should be higher 😂
VERTIGO ? 2 місяці tagasi
Harry’s made the best sidemen vids
Theo Sergiou
Theo Sergiou 2 місяці tagasi
The Bingo is a GOATED
pie man
pie man 2 місяці tagasi
Harry vs 20 women is by far the best sidemen video, better than the holiday videos. The first time I watched it I was falling out my chair laughing
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet 2 місяці tagasi
Nah the online school one was a banger
Finn Sainty
Finn Sainty 2 місяці tagasi
This video was on my birthday 11 April 2005
Arnav Karrahe
Arnav Karrahe 2 місяці tagasi
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing 2 місяці tagasi
Harry lowkey constructed goated vids
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 місяці tagasi
The among us were goated cause of the tea bags😂
James Silverio
James Silverio 2 місяці tagasi
I mean, I’m just saying. We’ve had 2 Sidemen Among Us videos. When will the trilogy be completed with Sidemen Among Us 3 (if there even is a third Among Us). *Btw, if the 3rd one ever happens, I say bump the total players to 12 and have either an extra imposter or add the detective role.
Hehehe 2 місяці tagasi
“Not naming names josh zerkaa” 😂😂😂😂
SayZowi 2 місяці tagasi
fall guys is decent, i loved watching it
SlendyDie 2 місяці tagasi
nah the christmas video is a banger
Hunter Gaming
Hunter Gaming 2 місяці tagasi
You put Fall guys in stinker are you mad harry fuck bruh
Conor McFadden
Conor McFadden 2 місяці tagasi
ei39rk 2 місяці tagasi
9:30 dont know which one it was but the one where they were all trapped in the bath (freezy was impostor). That was better
Zain Mallick
Zain Mallick 2 місяці tagasi
I felt attacked when Harry put World Cup and Christmas football challenges in meh
Dan Popescu
Dan Popescu 2 місяці tagasi
almost all the stinkers i like
CraziMaxi79 2 місяці tagasi
I think we’ve all agreed that wipeout was a hosted vid
Kian Mewes
Kian Mewes 2 місяці tagasi
Fall guys had to be a goated video especially with Ethan falling out of the course. Goated for Ethan
123 2 місяці tagasi
Imagine making a video on sidemen videos
ContendedRacer5 2 місяці tagasi
Bro online school was good too. At the very least it’s a banger.
Erik Rogers
Erik Rogers 2 місяці tagasi
The among us videos are Goated
Beni Szakonyi
Beni Szakonyi 2 місяці tagasi
Faze crossbar challenge is goated thogh
Nagelan 2008
Nagelan 2008 2 місяці tagasi
The frame error on the total wipeout video.Actually made me think that something big was going to happen but turns out it was just a error
Chief Sosa almighty
Chief Sosa almighty 2 місяці tagasi
There isnt a sidmen video that is a stinker
Maximal Säkerhet
Maximal Säkerhet 2 місяці tagasi
Sidemen vs Faze crossbar challenge is goated though, Harry's volley shot and Vikk hitting the crossbar twice were insane
Nathan Waring
Nathan Waring 2 місяці tagasi
I liked the fall guys irl, but it cost 30k and underperformed if fall guys did not die so quick it would have preformed better
Snake Hddjj
Snake Hddjj 2 місяці tagasi
Anyone else think the 2020 quiz was a top tier banger vid?
Samantha Penn-cerro
Samantha Penn-cerro 3 місяці tagasi
Full guys goated
Super Hans
Super Hans 3 місяці tagasi
Both Among Us should be goated and I hope we all agree there needs to be another one
Fyra 3 місяці tagasi
20 women vs W2S is defo goated
Ramil D
Ramil D 3 місяці tagasi
amongs us vids are goated btw and the fact that yall only made 2 makes it so rare cause let's be real. yall ain't making ome of those again. sidemen will probably make cod warzone in real life before they make another among us in real life. lmao
Kider 3 місяці tagasi
Harry is so critical of his own work.
special N9NE
special N9NE 3 місяці tagasi
Harry: ”Oh guys this is a huge stinker” Me: "Noooooo"
DabereREACTS 3 місяці tagasi
Sidemen talent show is Goated
Larna Dawn
Larna Dawn 3 місяці tagasi
Wipeout + 2nd among us are goated bro
Prahasini Selvakumar
Prahasini Selvakumar 3 місяці tagasi
i am highly offended the theme park hide and seek wasnt in goated.... that was the first sidemen video i had watched after 2 years of revision
Ytrix 3 місяці tagasi
The among us 2 video was much better then among us 1
Will iam
Will iam 3 місяці tagasi
back to school 2 was funny asf
Jide Law Clips
Jide Law Clips 3 місяці tagasi
I thought 2nd among us was better tbh
Sophia Jo
Sophia Jo 3 місяці tagasi
i love all the bingo videos!! do another one!!
Sam Curtis
Sam Curtis 3 місяці tagasi
20vs1 was so GOATED
Sam Curtis
Sam Curtis 3 місяці tagasi
I love the fall guys one. One of my favourites of all time!
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